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Web applications are programs that can be accessed through a web browser via the Internet and can be used to provide many different services. Web-based applications are accessible from any computer with Internet access and a web browser. Distributing or installing software on users' computers is not necessary, making web applications cheaper and more convenient to run.


Custom web applications allow you to collect, organize, and distribute information cheaper, faster and more efficiently than traditional methods. Streamlining processes through automation reduces costs and provides better service and availability. No purchase of software packages with unusable extra components or bundled services that are not needed.

more secure

Log-in requirements can be implemented that restrict access to the application's functions to authorized users only. Behind-the-scenes processes such as encryption and auditing make web applications more secure than sharing or emailing documents, spreadsheets and other information between users. With a custom application, you decide on the features and functions based on your particular requirements.

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communication, communication, communication

Understanding your need is the first step in the process. Our proposed solution will be based on complete discussions with your team to fully understand your requirements. Only then will we produce a specification for your application.

We believe that a specification should be updated as part of an agile development process. This means that the application will evolve during development with rapid client feedback updating the specification in an interative process.

During the development cycle there will be almost constant communication between the development team and the client.


We use the latest front end (browser) client web technologies: HTML5 & CSS3. The backend (server side) of our web applications are built on the CodeIgniter MVC framework using the PHP language and the MySQL database engine.

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